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The Artist In Me is here to show the world that everyone has an artist deep down inside. Find yours today!

Diana Bilby has been passionate about painting all of her adult life.  Through the many years of her artistry she has developed a desire to teach others about her passion.

She is a deep believer that every human on the planet as an artist deep within.  Her true calling is seen as she draws out the artist in all how attend her parties.


Party Details

Of course they are.  I offer classes for anyone over 8 years old and has a desire to learn more about painting.  We can also set up a party for a bunch of their friends if you want.

There is only alcohol if you bring it.  I do not have a liquor license so I can not offer spirits for the party.

If the party is at my house, I will offer snacks to everyone who comes.  If we have the party at your house, I ask you to provide the snacks.

I offer parties based on your schedule.  There are no set times at my studio.

Typically they last about 3 hours.

The price per person is only $40 when you come to my studio.  It is $45 per person when we book at party at your location.

Of course there are.  For booking a party you will receive 50% off when there are at 3 other people that join the party.  If there are at least 5, the party is FREE for you as the host.

That is no problem, we can rebook the party.

Book A Party

I would be happy to book your Artist In Me Party today. You can simply fill out this form and I will will call you with details.